Monitoring Systems. Clearly structured, fast, universally applicable.

When it comes to monitoring systems our know-how is really hard to beat. For years our focus has been on developing monitoring systems for machine tools that are straightforward and easy to operate. That has made it possible to optimally evaluate relevant drive data, and to transfer it to the machining process.


This monitoring system is used above all in metal processing but also has applications in other industrial areas. The sturdy metal casing makes it ideal for its use in rough production environments. The hardware is structured in a way that facilitates the connection of various types of sensors. For the monitoring of production plants there is also the option of setting up a network via CAN-bus. The system’s main job is to continually monitor cyclic machining processes. For having the menus clearly structured and operated by dialog via softkeys the monitoring system can be set up for usage universally and quite fast.

Force sensors

Power converter

Typical monitoring tasks include:


UT-CM-Basic is a system used for monitoring and controlling machine tools. It uses a digital triaxial sensor to monitor vibrations and temperatures of a spindle that has alert messages and logs thresholds. It is connected via a ModBus to the RS485 interface, which ensures a quick digital output.


UT-CM-PRO is a system for monitoring the spindle lifetime and the collision control of machine tools (analysis, maintenance, overload). The digital triaxial Piezo effect sensor is used for monitoring vibrations and temperatures of the spindle that has alert messages and logs various thresholds.