Our Portfolio on Automation

Universal Robots is among global market leaders of collaborative lightweight robots. The UR10 e.g. is the biggest industrial robot, designed for bigger tasks, for which precision and reliability are very important. It is suitable for automating processes and tasks with bearing loads of up to10 kg. The UR10 is especially suitable for all processes, during which people work hand in hand with robots, such as packaging for instance, stacking pallets, assembly and pick & place. With an operating radius of up to 1300 mm the UR10 ensures that there is high effi ciency in tasks that need a larger working space. In production lines, in which distance is a signifi cant factor, this can save a lot of time. It is easy to program, can be set up in no time, and it is collaborative and safe. Just like all other collaborative robots, this one has the shortest pay-off period in the industry.

This system is magnificently suitable for subsequent automation of vertical and horizontal lathe machines, press machines, grinding machines, milling machines, etc., because it remains attached to the machine and is a tailor-made automation solution. The SLS offers you, already in its standard model, the option of synchronized feed by the operator and can also be extended by the functions: