This system is not only used to detect a collision, spindle analysis and logbook of the spindle, but also helps to identify it and prevent major damage

A system for collision and spindle monitoring with analysis

UTTec UT-Cm®-PRO for Machine Tools is a system for the monitoring and control of machine tools, which the following purposes:

The always-connected interface and multi-platform software allow to have the full control anywhere, obtaining the maximum results from your machine.

HMI UT-Cm® was developed to guarantee simplicity and intuitiveness in order to make you understand all the useful information at a glance. The system allows the interaction with more sensors to facilitate the complete monitoring of your machines.

The system enables interaction with several sensors as a complete monitoring of your machines facilitate.

The advantage of the events session is to look at your machine history, recording all activities with an intuitive infographic that includes the following functions:

Alarms, Warnings, Check-Up and Downtimes.

In the case of collision the system will allow you to examine in a greater detail the waveform during, before and after the event.

Through the 3 factors visualization you can monitor in a single moment the productive process. The HMI UT-Cm® allows to export the evident information in every moment in real or non-real time, to manage data in complete autonomy.

Understanding trends, creating productivity statistics and sharing all the information are the bases of the mandatory evolving process today.

Thanks to the objective data colleted, HMI functions help you to plan production and maintenance at your best with the benefit of reduced the machine downtimes.

Maintenance notes are understood to create exactly a service report of what everyone has performed on the spindle in maintenance or service. This information is the basis of the preventive maintenance history.

With UT-CM Sensor you can enforce easily a line or remote assets innovative monitoring, thanks to the integration with SAM software (Smart Asset Monitoring).

Integration allows to have in a single dashboard the all connected assets state, some func-tioning KPI, registration of alarm events and real-time collision, vibration profiles and ma-chineries function.

The fingerprint (ECG) is a special function for state and process monitoring. An initial fingerprint containing the data over a defined cycle is recorded and compared with the new record for a later, new capture. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the system as well as the process itself.

The fast Fourier transformation (English almost Fourier transform, therefore usually abbreviated FFT) is an algorithm for the efficient calculation of the discrete Fourier transformation (DFT). With it, a time-discrete signal can be broken down into its frequency components and thus analyzed.