The system for tool monitoring and vibration monitoring

A system for tool monitoring

The UT-Tm® system is control- and machine-neutral and can be integrated into machines that are up to 20 years old. Open for all commercially available operating platforms, the system detects wear-related tool breakage, missing tools and tool wear and is therefore predominantly also used to prevent them. In addition, UT-Tm®-Basic offers transparency in the processes, e.g. via measured active power or vibrations at the spindle. At the same time, this measured data can be used to optimise the cutting values. This means that higher feed rates can be tested or tools can be run until they wear out. All in all, the UT-Tm® system is an efficient investment for reducing the cycle times on a machine tool.

Visualisation in the learning process: Tools and machining operations are automatically learned within defined limits depending on the power, signal curve and machining time. The calculations of the limits can be carried out dynamically or statically. Of course, these limits or settings can be individually defined and manually optimised.

Tools are monitored for breakage or tool missing with different strategies depending on the type of machining. The strategies in the overview:

So by protecting this active process monitoring, man and machine are protected.

The current NC programme shows all monitored tools in the individual machining processes. From the analysis of each machining step, individual process and tool optimisations can be derived in this area.

Visualisation of the wear of the tool

During milling, drilling and other machining operations with defined cutting edges, wear occurs that can have a negative effect on the quality of the workpiece (dimensional accuracy, surface quality …). There are typical signs for each type of wear. This makes it possible to identify a trend by means of different force absorptions.

However, these typical signs can also lead to hair and comb cracks. In addition, stretching and shrinkage often occur in the material due to temperature fluctuations.

In the event of a plate breakout, the system intervenes immediately to prevent greater forces that could lead to destruction, tool holder, machine, workpiece…).

All in all, precisely definable tool service lives increase economic efficiency.

UT Tm® Analyzer Viewer

Hardware extension for collision monitoring and multi-variable evaluation: 3D vibration sensors from UTTec enable active power analysis to be extended to include the mechanical component “vibration”. For this multi-variable evaluation, both variables are combined into one signal. The vibration sensors extend the system by the possibility to monitor the machine for collision.

By expanding with UT-Tm®-Pro, information can be sent via a separate network interface with integrated firewall from the machine tool to the customer’s own or company network. With this information, problems can be detected at an early stage. The system thus directly contributes to an increase in availability and productivity. By connecting the IoT gateway, dashboards or higher-level systems can be supplied with data.