Data analysis via web software

A system for data analysis

With UT-Da, up to 14 fault reasons can be defined within the MDE.
machine running times, downtimes and non-productive times in detail.
downtimes are recorded in detail. This enables the UT-Da® system to export a detailed PDF protocol.
This data analysis also makes all data stored in the tool monitoring system transparent. This means that the wear, the tool data plus the production quantity can be called up on the basis of the data from the tool monitoring. All information from the UT-Tm® system becomes visible via defined times. As a result, cutting parameters can also be changed to generate more stable cycle times.

Visualisation of tool wear
During milling, drilling and other machining operations with defined cutting edges, wear occurs that can have a negative effect on the quality of the workpiece (dimensional accuracy, surface quality …). There are typical signs for each type of wear. Thus, a trend detection is possible through different force absorptions.
However, these typical signs can also lead to hairline and comb cracks. In addition, expansions and shrinkages in the material often occur due to temperature fluctuations.
In the event of a plate breakout, the system intervenes immediately to prevent larger forces that could lead to destruction of the tool holder, the machine or the workpiece.
All in all, economic efficiency can be increased through precisely definable tool life