From the Idea to the Project and on to Manufacturing

Process optimizations signifi cantly reduce processing times and increase effi ciency as well as the safety of technological processes. We analyze tool specifi cation, cutting-data, non-productive times, setup times etc. and derive optimization potentials from that information. We aim for the highest possible increase in parts production while preserving high quality and maintaining the accessibility of the machines. Our offer includes building blocks that are key to manufacturing success such as analyzing and optimizing process fl ows to reduce cycle times, optimizing the confi guration of cutting-data and integrating more developed technology cycles for essential operating times and non-productive times. In short, our offer ensures maximum productivity and operational efficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Professional builds on the functions of SOLIDWORKS Standard, and gives you maximum productivity in manufacturing using fi le management tools, enhanced photo-realistic representation, automatic cost estimates, collaboration functions of eDrawings® Professional, automatic examination of design and drawings and an elaborate library with components and parts.

Edgecam is considered to be a leading CAM system on the market used for effi cient NC parts programming. Its incomparable ease of use and highly developed tool-path generation make it the only CAM system that can be used for milling, lathe machining and turn-milling.


This CNC simulation is meant to prevent CNC machine collisions and problems of clearance distance, reduce the implementation time for new CNC machines and help users with new NC programs and improve process effi ciency by providing clear instructions. VERICUT can signifi cantly contribute to the reduction of error margins and can save time to a great extent through e.g. tests of new machine programs. The machine simulation module of VERICUT discovers collisions and takes into account the tolerances between all the machine components and other defi ned objects.

PLC-Simulation is used for: