Synergy partnership of UTTec and EVO makes machine signals valuable

Collect machine signals for detailed analysis of the machining process.

UTTec and EVO Informationssysteme are cooperating to use machine signals from machine tools of any manufacturer for a variety of process analyses and process optimisations. With the respective expertise of UTTec as a specialist for process and machine monitoring and EVO as an expert for the holistic digitalisation of the office world and the shop floor, these data worlds are merged.

The idea behind it: UTTec provides transparency in real-time data on the process and PLC level from the machine for the detection of fluctuations in the machining process of a tool during intervention. EVO combines the process data with machining information from the component and cutting tool on the machine. The machine signals, which are insignificant when viewed in isolation, only become really valuable and precious when enriched with EVO information. All doors are thus open to a comprehensive data analysis from the perspective of the machine, the component or the tool.

The prerequisite for this is the UT Da ® data analysis software developed by UTTec for collecting the “raw data”. The EVO platform then provides the modules EVOtools for tool management and EVOcompetition for production orders.

The managing directors Jürgen Widmann (EVO Informationssysteme) and Uwe Schröter (UTTec) offer the solution in direct sales for end users, as well as in indirect sales via the machine manufacturers, who want to offer their customers versatile and sophisticated solutions for “digitalisation” and Industry 4.0 through cooperations.

The cooperation partners are already looking forward to numerous enquiries for initial projects.