He optimizes more than just the process

He optimizes more than just the process

Back in December he was the manager and co-owner of MCU. In January Uwe Schröter founded Uttec – and now offers special optimization solutions.

In contrast to conventional service offers, the newly founded Uttec GmbH considers not only the process but also the machine as a whole and thereof deduces appropriate optimization potentials. This promises Uwe Schröter, the founder and manager of Uttec. Additionally, since this year the Uttec GmbH is focusing on a special service.

This offer is highly interesting for example if it is about new products which must be processed with already existing machinery, emphasizes Uwe Schröter.

The independent technology partner for optimized productivity
As a technology partner for turning and milling machines, with decade-long experiences with all well-known machine manufacturers, the company offers independent analyses of auxiliary process and main times, of the tool life such as of the machine utilization and is supporting the use of further potentials.

The team of Uttec analyses tools, clamping devices and machines. The offer includes the optimization via CAD/CAM systems for the NC technology, the upgrade of the NCU (reduction of cycle times), the CNC simulation and monitoring systems which are easy to use and rapidly deployable.

To complement the total package, Uttec offers automation solutions for loading and unloading of machines. So, in contrast to conventional service offers, Uttec does not only consider the processes but also the machine as whole and deduces the appropriate optimization potential.

Professional consultancy up to the resolving of error messages
So, for the team in Winnenden it is all about professional consultancy for processes and for approaches in the chipping, the optimization of processes, the training of the process monitoring such as solutions for troubleshooting. The customers of Uttec are mainly companies from the automotive and supply industry, the aerospace, the engineering, the medical technology, the contract services such as the tool manufacturing and mould construction.